i will not be friends with adam lazzara this time around

i just stole the entirety of rachel mcadams friends list, literally all of it, i mean i pasted her entire friends list into the console, because she is the only person i can count on being completely neurotic about keeping her friends list up to date. so, hello, guys. i was around once upon a time, and if you didn't know me then, you probably don't know who i am now, and that's okay. here is my original intro, from so many moons ago, and if there's anything else you care to know, there's a years worth of entries in here that will probably sum me up nicely. if not, you can always just ask. and yes, i do shave my balls.

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i'm paranoid, so this is locked. you don't need to comment if you add me, i'm not retarded. i can figure it out on my own. oh and ps, i am not really annie hardy.